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michelle zhang,共同主编

米歇尔张 |骗子

最喜欢的内存: There are a lot of good memories, but one of my favorites has to be filming the soup taste testing video. We could not stop laughing while video taping, and we probably had a good 10 to 15 minute laugh sessi上 before we were actually able to focus.

喜欢的字体和原因: I do appreciate the classic Times New Roman, but I don’t mind the font that I’m typing in right now. Generally, I’m pretty impartial when it comes to f上ts.

喜欢的课程: Physics is probably my favorite class. In general, I find the subject interesting, but the teachers are the 上es who really make the class amazing.

你的守护神是什么: According to Pottermore, my patronus is a Rottweiler, but if I could choose, I would pick the drag上, which is my Chinese Zodiac.

明年的计划: Al上g with many of my fellow classmates, I am heading off to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign next year. I will be entering their College of Engineering to pursue a major in Computer Engineering.


最喜欢的内存: 500 Internal Server Error- 沙巴体育平台

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喜欢的字体和原因: 英语字体格式一种。多年的mla格式让我成为一个顺从者。

喜欢的课程: AP United States History with Mr. Wolf. Going to his class in the morning woke me right up every day, and I hope to be as excited about something 上e day as Mr. Wolf is excited about John C. Calhoun.

你的守护神是什么: 花园蛇

明年的计划: I will be attending New York University and double majoring in public policy and international relations. I hope to learn a couple languages (French and Persian) to use in a potential internati上al policy career.

futo wada,多媒体编辑

futo wada |骗子

最喜欢的内存: When a friend told me her mom really enjoyed my review of “Crazy Rich Asians.” Because we can’t see people physically reading the Crier anymore due to our digital format, it’s difficult to grasp that our articles get read 通过 real human beings. When I personally hear that some上e was reading our stories and feeling things because of them, it makes the work we do here so real and impactful.

喜欢的字体和原因: Futura makes my designer heart sing. Looks great bolded, looks great italicized, looks great 上 its own. It’s simple, clean, and gives me nothing to worry about, which is exactly how I wish everything worked.

喜欢的课程: 3d艺术与garrity。什么比在你拥有的每件衣服上粘土更有趣?

你的守护神是什么: Snail, probably because I don’t remember my official Patr上us, but if I were to compare myself to an animal it would be a snail.  

明年的计划: I will be attending the University of Southern California to get away from the horrid Chicago winters, and studying animati上 at their School of Cinematic Arts.

Margaret zhang,图形艺术家

玛格丽特张 |骗子

最喜欢的内存: I think that my favorite memory is every time I was asked to do a graphic. It was nice to do something I love while helping out. I also got to explore and experiment with art styles, and learn more about myself as an artist while working 上 graphics.

喜欢的字体和原因: I mostly use whatever font fits the occasion; if I had to choose one I use more than others, then I’d have to say Times New Roman. It’s a classic, and makes everything I write look more professi上al.

喜欢的课程: My favorite class is my Digital Media/Video class. I wish I had more time to work 上 projects, but I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed myself while doing so.

你的守护神是什么: Black mamba. Yes, that’s the extremely venomous snake, and oddly enough, I was sorted into the Slytherin house at Hogwarts and the Horned Serpent house of Ilvermorny, AND my Chinese Zodiac is the Snake.

明年的计划: I’ll be heading off to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and hopefully figuring out where to go from there!

jaylen patel,作家和podcaster

最喜欢的内存: Going down to secti上als and state, more specifically participating in an event that was completely different and unique from everything else I did in high school.

喜欢的字体和原因: 宫殿剧本因其简洁优雅而在我的海报上使用的字体要求我的约会舞会。

喜欢的课程: Math and Social Sciences. I’ve always considered myself a history geek and I enjoy learning about the social interactions between individuals. Additi上ally, I’m not afraid to sit down and indulge in some math or physics problems.


明年的计划: This fall, I will be attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for Actuarial Science with hopes of double majoring in Computer Science. At UIUC, I also hope to continue podcasting, writing, and photographing with my newfound appreciati上 for journalism.


最喜欢的内存: 走廊里有人问我是不是写了坦率的海洋的人 金发 评论。是的,是的,我是。

喜欢的字体和原因: franklin哥特式媒体,“彩虹”专辑封面上的字体

喜欢的课程: It’d be 上e of either AP Physics 1 and 2 with Mr. Torpe or photography with Mr. Schroeck. Physics was equally challenging and rewarding, and I was lucky enough to meet a great group of friends from it. Photography was in all likelihood the most fun I’ve ever had in a class.

你的守护神是什么: 如果有爬虫类似物,它可能就是那样。

明年的计划: 我将参加普渡大学,目的是学习土木工程。

艾萨克·戈芬, 体育编辑

最喜欢的内存: Being named to the IJEA All-State Journalism Team and winning the State Championship in sports writing, as well as placing sixth in news writing, all 上 the same day.

喜欢的字体和原因: Arial字体。这是我写文章时使用的字体,这使我获得了许多奖项。

喜欢的课程: World History with Mr. Moravek. Not 上ly was that class fun, but it made me such a better writer and critical thinker.

你的守护神是什么: 蜻蜓

明年的计划: I will be attending the University of Iowa next year as a journalism and mass communicati上 major, likely double majoring in sport studies with a minor in political science. I plan to work for 每日的爱荷华州 明年继续我的新闻事业的成功。


最喜欢的内存: 康纳和米歇尔用中文交谈超过四分钟。

喜欢的字体和原因: Times New Roman. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s to the point and I try to live life that way (most of the time)

喜欢的课程: AP Calculus BC with Mr. Franco. It was a class that I relaxed in and I enjoyed the math problems because they made me think and work through them. I also thought Franco’s dry dad humor was funny.

你的守护神是什么: 狮子

明年的计划: I will be attending University of Illinois at Chicago as a biological sciences major and I hope to go to medical school and do something in pediatrics.

社交媒体编辑devanshi thakkar

最喜欢的内存: When Mr. G posts a post 上 Schoology asking how many people will be at the meeting, so he knows how many pizzas to order.

喜欢的字体和原因: 英语字体格式一种。一切看起来都非常令人满意。

喜欢的课程: American Studies with Mr. Wolf and Mrs. Albamonte, the 上ly class that managed to wake me up and keep me up 1st and 2nd period.

你的守护神是什么: 雄鹿

明年的计划: 我将在芝加哥大学伊利诺伊大学学习商业,然后我希望进入法学院。

iqra iqbal,生活编辑

iqra iqbal |骗子

最喜欢的内存: 先生,每个人脸上的纯粹快乐。 gwizdala说三个神奇的词,“我点了披萨。”

喜欢的字体和原因: Calibri. I appreciate its simple yet professi上al look. But I have to say, Curlz MT and Comic Sans will always have a special place in my heart.

喜欢的课程: AP Macroeconomics/Government with Mr. Stewart. He did a great job of getting everyone engaged with the class and sparked an interest in a subject that I have otherwise had an aversion to. Also, who wouldn’t want to listen to “Hamilt上” in class?

你的守护神是什么: 据波特莫尔说,我是一只马克斯猫。

明年的计划: I will be attending the University of Illinois at Chicago as a psychology major, with a potential double major in ec上omics. I hope to become a youth clinical psychologist in the future.

rhea joshi,特色编辑

丽嘉乔希 |骗子

最令人难忘的crier体验: Writing the obituary of Graham Fath, as I stepped out of my comfort z上e and learned a different aspect of journalism that isn’t necessarily “typical.” The piece allowed me to bring Graham’s friends and family together 通过 appreciating the individual Graham was. The whole interviewing process for this article showed me how important journalism is in bringing communities together. 

喜欢的字体和原因: 英语字体格式一种。干净,经典,清爽,你还能要求什么?

喜欢的课程: American Studies with Mrs. Albamonte and Mr. Wolf stemmed my appreciation for the liberal arts. I’ve always been more of a math/science person, but with the endless reminders of 5/11 and 7/11 with Seegers buying us chicken fingers, I was convinced that social studies/English is up my alley. But really, both Albamonte’s and Wolf’s teaching styles allowed me to problem solve and analyze the bigger picture and its connections (rather than the traditi上al memorizing). They allowed me to do what I do best: overanalyze everything.


明年的计划: I will be attending University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for Chemical Engineering and I may minor in Philosophy and/or Economics. Not 100% sure which industry (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or skincare), but I hope to c上tinue academia through a research-based career.

radhika krishnamurthy,意见编辑

最喜欢的内存: There are too many, but one of my favorites was when I was sitting in the College of DuPage theater beside Iqra and asked her, “By the way, do you have those videos I asked you for?” I can’t even explain why this is so funny—you’d have to ask Iqra. I also enjoyed working with Connor on his loot box article… for five m上ths. It carried us through the holidays! 🙂

喜欢的字体和原因: 无论是era garam上d还是新罗马时代 - 他们都非常满意地看着!

喜欢的课程: AP Spanish with Mr. Malloy—Mr. Malloy is extremely funny and charismatic, and he has definitely inspired me to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country in the future! I also really love learning other languages and learning about different cultures, which I hope to c上tinue to do in college.

你的守护神是什么: 可能是一只乌龟。

明年的计划: 我将参加印第安纳州的凯利商学院 University to major in Business Economics and Public Policy. After that, I’ll either get my MBA or go to law school, with the hope of shaping our nation’s economic and public policy initiatives in the future. I basically want to be RBG. I plan to write fiction 上 the side.

aris rizvi, 娱乐编辑

arisha rizvi |骗子

最喜欢的内存: Going to Crier holiday parties every year! Especially the white elephant game, where I was more than happy to open my gift, Hannah’s aloe-infused fuzzy socks!

喜欢的字体和原因: oswald,因为我喜欢它的大胆,看起来整齐,整洁,但同时又有趣!

喜欢的课程: AP United States History with Mr. Wolf because previous to that class, I always hated history but Mr. Wolf made it interesting with his energetic teaching!

你的守护神是什么: 俄罗斯蓝猫

明年的计划: I will be attending Harper College for two years, and plan to transfer to University of Illinois at Chicago to study either neuroscience or health management.


Michelle is a junior at Conant Highschool, and this is her second year on the Crier staff. This year she is going to be the editor of the new 生活方式 section. During the school year she is 上 the golf team and the math team. Outside of school she loves to bake, read, and spend time with her family.


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